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What license models are available for TeamSpeak 3?

There are several license models:
  • Non-Profit License (NPL) Unregistered: This license allows a maximum of 1 virtual server and 32 slots. This is the default, embedded license when you download TeamSpeak 3 for free and do nothing else.

  • Non-Profit License (NPL) Registered: This license allows a maximum of 10 virtual servers and 512 slots AND requires registration via TeamSpeak USA's website.

  • Commercial License for Authorized TeamSpeak Host Providers (ATHPs): This license is required of any commercial entity or hosting company which rents servers to others for profit OR provides TeamSpeak 3 servers "free of charge to customers" via inclusion of any other for-profit services.

  • Annual Activation License (AAL) for Commercial Entities: This license is required of any commercial entity or business which does NOT rent servers to others, but wants to use TeamSpeak 3 within a commercial environment. Internet Cafes or small to medium sized businesses using TeamSpeak 3 for internal communication are typical candidates for purchasing an Annual Activation License.

  • TeamSpeak 3 Software Development Kit (SDK) License: Commercial entities using the TeamSpeak 3 SDK (NOT to be confused with the TeamSpeak 3 Plugin SDK for the TeamSpeak 3 client which is always free) must purchase an SDK license by contacting TeamSpeak USA, Inc. via Pricing information for the TeamSpeak 3 SDK is NOT published to the open public. Some special cases for non-profit entities using the TeamSpeak 3 SDK are also evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact TeamSpeakUSA for inquiries or further details.

Please note that if you are a commercial entity or business you MUST license any and ALL TeamSpeak 3 servers you host regardless of whether or not you choose to charge anything for the use of your servers. Hosters which turn a profit of any kind yet give TeamSpeak 3 away "for free" does NOT render the hoster as a non-profit entity.
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