I am a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) that wishes to exceed the 1000 slot limit. Is there a license available for my situation?
As of September 1st, 2006 WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW APPLICATIONS FOR THE NPO LICENSE. This means you cannot host more than 1000 slots total in your environment, you cannot host more than 10 servers AND you will have to shutdown any extra servers immediately.

If you're interested in becoming a commercial host provider with unlimited earning potential, then you may wish to consider becoming an Authorized TeamSpeak Host Provider (ATHP) instead. ATHPs are companies or commercial business entities that rent servers to the public for a monthly fee OR include TeamSpeak as part of other services or offerings to their customers free of charge. Turning a profit as an ATHP while adding value to your company's services is typically a very easy thing to do once you fully understand how our licensing model works. For further information on becoming an ATHP please contact us via email at

Please also keep in mind that if you're a clan member or you're hosting a small TeamSpeak server for your own non-profit, internal or personal use, you may not need to be licensed at all. As long as you are not using TeamSpeak within a commercial environment, do not use TeamSpeak in any way for profit, and you adhere to ONE of the following configurations for your entire organization per our EULA:
  • 10 servers, 100 slots each, for a total of 1000 slots
  • 4 servers, 250 slots each, for a total of 1000 slots
  • 2 servers, 500 slots each, for a total of 1000 slots
  • 1 server, 1000 slots, for a total of 1000 slots
There is no need to pay for licensing and you do NOT need to register on our website.

Existing/current NPOs must meet the following NPO license requirements at all times:
  • You must be a 100% non-profit entity. If we cannot easily determine this by visiting your website we may require you to provide us with documented proof.
  • You cannot advertise for any sort of profit OR for any commercial entity at all on your website. In addition, and due to abuse, we also don't allow the use of PayPal buttons anywhere on your site.
  • Your website must be up and running/active/live so we can visit the site and review its content.
  • Your entity must be large enough to require at least 1000 slots (regardless of the number of servers).
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