Is it possible to add resellers to my TeamSpeak license?
Reseller slots are only available to companies which provide white-label reselling to other sole and separate companies. In other words, companies which are NOT owned and operated (in terms of sales and customer support) by you.

You do not resell licenses. You resell your licensed servers under YOUR ATHP license to sub resellers. Your resellers do not have an account with us. You must keep track of which slots/servers belong to them versus you. Regardless you will be responsible for paying the licensing fees for ALL licensed slots. We are not responsible for support or billing of your resellers. You also need to have at least 10000 slots in use and an API based provisioning solution in place, before you can become a reseller.

Once you are ready, you must provide us with each of your resellers website URLs, so we can make certain that a) they are ONLINE and in business and b) they are owned and operated separate from YOUR business. If your resellers do not meet either of requirements, you will not be granted additional reseller slots.
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