I want to move my server to another machine, which files should I copy?

The following files and folders need to copied if you want to retain the respective information:

  • licensekey.dat
    • This file contains your license. You may not have this file, in which case you don't have to copy it
  • query_ip_whitelist.txt
    • Whitelisted IPs for the query interface
  • query_ip_blacklist.txt
    • Blacklisted IPs for the query interface
  • files/*
    • Any Icons, Avatars and files that were uploaded to the server. Be sure to copy the entire folder including any subfolders and files inside.
  • ts3server.sqlitedb
    • The database, this file is the most important one and contains all the information about virtual servers, users, permissions, channels, groups etc. All Settings of the server instance and its virtual servers are contained in this file.
  • *.ini
    • Possibly existing file(s) containing startup parameters and database configuration. These do not exist by default
  • tsdns/tsdns_settings.ini
    • The configuration for the TSDNS service. Only needed if you actually use TSDNS.
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