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How do I prevent customers from increasing their slots?

By default the downloaded TeamSpeak server package contains a set of permissions that is not suitable for hosting commercially. As such when you first start hosting you should use our special set of default permissions that can be obtained here. In the sql folder you need to replace the defaults.sql that came with the server with the one you downloaded from the aforementioned link. This needs to be done before the server creates its database as this file and any changes are ignored when a database is present.

If you already started hosting and want to prevent your customers from changing their slot count without losing your database you need to execute the following commands on the serverquery interface. To do so connect to the query interface (by default port 10011) using any telnet client (e.g. putty). Once connected issue these commands:

login serveradmin PASSWORD
error id=0 msg=ok
servergroupautodelperm sgtype=45 permsid=b_virtualserver_modify_maxclients|permsid=i_needed_modify_power_virtualserver_modify_maxclients|permsid=b_virtualserver_snapshot_deploy|permsid=b_virtualserver_snapshot_create|permsid=i_needed_modify_power_virtualserver_snapshot_deploy|permsid=i_needed_modify_power_virtualserver_snapshot_create
error id=0 msg=ok
error id=0 msg=ok
servergroupdelperm sgid=3 permsid=b_virtualserver_modify_maxclients|permsid=i_needed_modify_power_virtualserver_modify_maxclients|permsid=b_virtualserver_snapshot_deploy|permsid=b_virtualserver_snapshot_create|permsid=i_needed_modify_power_virtualserver_snapshot_deploy|permsid=i_needed_modify_power_virtualserver_snapshot_create
error id=0 msg=ok


The highlighted Text must not be entered, those are server responses you should be receiving after each command completed successfully. If the message you receive is different from the above, you either made a mistake or don't have enough permissions. Please make sure you logged in successfully as a query admin before proceeding. If in doubt contact our support team.

Please note that while executing the above commands successfully will prevent server administrators in the default configuration from messing with the slot count on all existing and any new servers on the instance, we cannot guarantee that savvy users did not already create additional groups that have the permission to modify the slot count nor that they didn't grant themselves or somebody else the ability to do so on a client permission level (or any other permission level for that matter). As such it is your responsibility to make sure no client or group has any of the following permissions after successfully executing the above commands.

  • b_virtualserver_modify_maxclients
  • b_virtualserver_snapshot_deploy
  • i_needed_modify_power_virtualserver_modify_maxclients
  • i_needed_modify_power_virtualserver_snapshot_deploy

Once that is done, only you should be able to modify the slots on any given server using the serverquery interface.

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