How do I change or reset the password of the serveradmin Server Query account?

This article is for people who are hosting their own servers. First of all we will set a new password and then generate a new one using Server Query. If you still have your serveradmin password, then you can skip the first step.


1. Reset a forgotten serveradmin password


To reset the query admin password a server restart is required. Please stop your TeamSpeak 3 server and then launch it with the additional parameter serveradmin_password=MY_NEW_PASSWORD_HERE . On Windows, this can be done by creating a shortcut to the servers .exe file and editing the "Target" section.

Linux example: ./ inifile=ts3server.ini serveradmin_password=test1234

Windows example of target (shortcut properties): C:\Program Files\teamspeak3-server_win64\ts3server_win64.exe inifile=ts3server.ini serveradmin_password=test1234

You should skip the inifile parameter if you're not using an ini file when starting the server.

Upon starting up the server, the serveradmin password will be changed. Now please stop the server again and start it regularly (i.e. Linux users use the regular startscript, Windows users delete the shortcut created above and run exe file or your usual shortcut).

You should now be able to log into the Server Query again. However, there are some potential security issues, as your current password might show up in system log files or shell history. You should therefore also follow the second step to generate a secure password.



2. Using Server Query to generate a new and safe password


You need to have the password of the serveradmin account ready. If you don't have it, please see step 1. Please establish a Telnet connection to your TeamSpeak 3 Servers Server Query interface using any Telnet client (such as Putty). The default Query port is 10011, please replace anything written in CAPITAL letters:

login serveradmin YOUR_CURRENT_PASSWORD
clientsetserverquerylogin client_login_name=serveradmin



The output with your new password should look like this:

error id=0 msg=ok

You're now logged out again and would have to login with the password that was displayed to you. Please keep the displayed password safe, you'll have to use it from now on.

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