What is the default permission set in a new TeamSpeak 3 server installation?
Upon launching a new installation of the TeamSpeak 3 server, a master global ServerQuery superuser called "serveradmin" is created using a random password. This user has access to ALL FUNCTIONS, features, commands and permissions of the master server instance, including ALL virtual servers running under the instance. This user acts as the equivalent to the "superadmin" user known in TeamSpeak 2. The password can be changed using the ServerQuery command clientsetserverquerylogin. For detailed information, check the TeamSpeak 3 ServerQuery Manual.

Whenever a new virtual server is created, the TeamSpeak 3 server will generate a token which can be used to gain access to the administrator group on a virtual server. By default, members of this server group are able to modify the configuration of their own virtual server, INCLUDING the maximum number of slots, file transfer quotas and host settings (e.g. Host Message, Host Banner and Host Button). In addition, they can create an infinite number of channels using any codec with a maximum quality of 10. Also by default, the file transfer feature is enabled for virtual servers and users can specify their own upload/download quotas.

If you are an Authorized TeamSpeak Host Provider (ATHP) it is strongly recommended that you follow our guidelines per this FAQ item in order to change the behavior of these default permissions.
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