How can I enable the servers enhanced logging capabilities?
In newer versions the verbosity of the server logfile can be controlled in the server.ini.
  • Open the file server.ini that is created in the same directory where the server executable is located.
  • Look for a section named [log]. This section contains the following options:

    1. access_r - logs joins and quits of registered users
    2. access_u - logs joins and quits of unregistered users
    3. channel_registered - logs creation and deletion of registered channels
    4. channel_unregistered - logs creation and deletion of unregistered channels
    5. sa - logs joins and quits of server admins and granting and revoking of server admin rights
    6. chat - logs text messages sent to the server or a specific channel (private messages can NOT be logged)
    7. kick_server - logs kicks from the server
    8. kick_channel - logs kicks from a channel
  • To enable a log option, set its value to 1, otherwise set it to 0.
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