Who needs to pay for licensing?
Authorized TeamSpeak Host Provider (ATHP-Based Licensing)
Authorized TeamSpeak Host Providers (ATHPs) are entities that rent TeamSpeak servers to others for profit, typically charging their customers a monthly fee. You are subject to ATHP usage based licensing fees if you charge an access or rental fee either directly, indirectly, OR via inclusion of a TeamSpeak server as part of any rental or other paid service. All ATHPs are billed in arrears based on usage information that is automatically tracked by our software. Invoices are generated on the 1st day of every month and are due on the 15th of every month. ATHPs that fail to comply with our licensing requirements may have their servers suspended without notice. We will make every effort to contact you first if you are in violation of our licensing terms.

Examples where ATHP-Based Licensing applies:
  • Direct Fees - If you charge a monthly rental or usage fee for a TeamSpeak server OR channel you are subject to ATHP licensing fees.
  • Indirect Fees - If you are a business entity and provide a 'free trial period' or you 'sponsor' a clan or ask them to advertise for you in return for the use of a TeamSpeak server OR channel you are subject to ATHP licensing fees.
  • Inclusion Fees - Game Server Providers (GSPs) that host a TeamSpeak server OR channel to someone who is paying a monthly fee to rent a game server are subject to ATHP licensing fees.
Commercial Entities NOT Acting As ATHPs (Single Server Use Licensing)
Single Server Use Licensing is for entities that wish to use TeamSpeak in a commercial environment but are NOT in the business of renting servers. This is a one-time license fee good for one year of free version updates as they are made available. After the one year period expires, you may continue using the existing version but will not be able to upgrade without a fee.

Exapmles of commercial entities where Single Server Use Licensing applies:
  • A company that wants to use TeamSpeak as a means of teleconferencing with co-workers to cut costs on typical long distance telephone charges.
  • An ATHP that wants to use a TeamSpeak server for internal corporate communication. The TeamSpeak server MUST reside on a physical server that is NOT a part of the ATHPs normal customer base or server farm.
Non-Profit Organizations
If you host a TeamSpeak server strictly for non-profit AND you are not a commercial entity then you will not be subject to licensing fees. You must not exceed a total of 1000 slots on a maximum of 10 TeamSpeak servers within your organization. TeamSpeak servers are defined as ANY server upon which a connection is allowed - be it virtual or physical.

Examples of non-profit entities:
  • An individual hosting a single TeamSpeak server configured to allow up to 100 slots for their online gaming clan for non-profit.
  • An individual hosting 10 TeamSpeak servers with 100 slots each but does NOT ask for fees, does not advertise, or receive any sort of compensation or benefits for doing so.
  • An individual that rents a dedicated server from a hosting company but does NOT ask for fees from clan members AND does NOT rent or share space on their TeamSpeak server to others for profit.
  • A church or other non-profit organization hosting a free TeamSpeak server for online bible study discussions.
  • A school hosting one TeamSpeak server over 10 physical machines, each configured to allow no more than 100 slots and is completely free of charge to students, allowing them to receive help with homework for their classes online.
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